Golden Era Radio Hour!

Your guests play a part in an interactive 1940’s radio performance!

An acting troupe has been hired by the client to perform a live radio broadcast. The troupe arrives to set up for the performance and talk to the audience as a warm-up. Suddenly, the actors learn that part of the troupe has come down with food poisoning and cannot perform. Knowing that this is a very special performance, impromptu auditions must be held for the positions
that must be filled immediately. Audience members
are chosen for various acting roles, sound effects,
music, and crowd response.

If you want to observe the greatest potential in your
guests/employees, then Golden Era Radio Hour is
the show for you. Once they are handed the scripts,
guests are encouraged to lower their inhibitions
and enjoy the spontiaity and creative atmosphere
in becoming their Radio Hour character.

Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: 1.5 hours
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