Mission Task Force

Find Your Team, Accomplish Team Building Challenges, Collect Clues, SAVE THE WORLD!

America's most wanted "Psycho," Geranimal Hector has stolen precious pharmaceutical information that could destroy the world in hours. It is up to a highly trained group of "Psycho Agents" to accomplish a series of fun and exciting team building challenges in order to discover the hidden location. Participants get to use their deduction and communication skills to identify
fellow members of their team.
Once the team is assembled they will work together
to achieve specific goals presented to them.
As each goal is met the team is given a
clue to a puzzle. They must collect as many
clues as possible within a specific period of
time. The more clues they collect, the better chance
they have to answer the final puzzle! This game makes
corporate event planning a cinch!

Mission Task Force is the perfect team building
activity for groups who want to improve their skills
regarding team strategizing, working under
pressure, problem solving, and creativity. The
game can accommodate corporate events for any group size.

Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: 1.5 – 2 hours
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