Extreme Comedy Bingo Extravaganza

Not your mother’s bingo! Win and lose cards during the game - no one knows who will win!

Everybody loves BINGO! It's fun for all ages and there are many crazy ways to play it. Now comes EXTREME COMEDY BINGO EXTRAVAGNAZA! where you try to Bingo AND also try to hang on to your best card before you have to give it to the person next to you! EXTREME
throws twists and
turns with every
number called. You may gain a card, you
may lose two. In this setting anyone can
win at any time. It's insane, it's funny,
it's not your every day Bingo — It's
In this 1-hour
performance, our two wacky character
actors can lead your guests though
about four games of single bingo. For each
game, the participants start out with three
cards and may wind up with up to six cards
at the end OR they may have to give up all
but one! The main thing is that with so much
happening during the game, no one knows
who will win when the next number is called.

Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: 1 hours
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