Deadman of the
Wild West

Holster your guns and try to catch yourself an outlaw!
Mystery Comedies

hen Dudley Deadman is named the new Sheriff of Blood’n’Guts, Texas, he’s issued a badge with a bull’s eye on it. But when Colonel Hoofinmouth, the evil cattle baron, notorious for murdering every Sheriff in Blood’n’Guts, is murdered himself, it’s up to Dudley to find out who murdered the murderer. Was it Bonnie Bordello, the owner of the local saloon? Or Aces High, the saloon’s resident card dealer. Maybe Chastity Pureheart, the local schoolmarm, did him in. Or maybe it was Josiah Rumm, the town drunk and local accountant. Look, listen and laugh along as the klutziest gun in the west tries to find out who killed Colonel Hoofinmouth.
Includes: Complete Show ~ Director,   Running Time: 1.5 to 2 hours
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