You Dunnit

Become part of the action or become an actual
suspect in our interactive Murder Mystery Parties.
Where you do the killing!


You-dunnits put the guests of your private event “front and center” when they are accused of committing murder! These 3 interactive murder mysteries invite 12 lucky guests to become suspects where they not only have an opportunity to “knock off” the victim but they also try to outwit the detective by answering questions using information provided to them. Can they talk their
  way out of going to jail? Both participants and
   audience members have a hilarious time as the
   murder and a few hilarious secrets are played out
   during the performance. We provide the character descriptions, props, costume suggestions, 2 professional actors and 1 director.

Shooting at Southfork
J.R. SPEWING has written a tell-all book about his life.
The true stuff is bad enough, but the lies are worse
and J.R. is claiming it.s all true. This angers his
friends, family, and associates and they band
together to stop the publication of the book. This
meeting has been put together by Chris Crass,
the attorney for J.R..s publisher, Simon and Shyster,
to see if a civilized agreement can be reached. But
before the meeting is over J.R. is shot to death and
Chris must find out who hired the gunman. Who
shot J.R.?

When You Kill Upon A Star
Marie Dubois Empanada talks to dead celebrities for a
living. It seems, however, that one celebrity wants to
make a comeback and invade Marie’s body to make
it happen! (At this Murder Mystery Party Guests will
portray various famous deceased celebrities such as
Elvis, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, & Frank Sinatra.)

The Carpenter House Capers
Aunt Eugena is holding her annual “ Ethics Dinner” to see
who is worthy to be in her will and inherit her money. While
answering questions about their scruples, someone
poisons Aunt Eugena! (At this Murder Mystery Party
Guests will portray various friends and family members
of the Carpenter family.)

Mrs. Goody’s Bad Nightt
You are cordially invited to the Annual Meeting of
Mrs. Goody’s Cookie Company. It appears there may be
someone who would like to see the CEO as a DOA. (At this
Murder Mystery Party Guests will portray various family
members of the Goody family and employees of the Goody
Cookie Company.)

Revenge Of The Super Human Heroes!
Olympia Universe is fighting The Penciler over control of the Super Human Defense Team. Is The Penciler seeking help from another Team Member to send Olympia into another universe?

1. Show includes 2 professional actors (Victim/Detective)
2. 12 of your guests play suspects in the game.
3. Suspects are given character descriptions, props, and a list of
    things to do.
4. Both actors run the first act, making sure all suspects carry out
    their goals.
5. Detective runs the second act, asking questions of all the suspects.
6. All guests have a chance to try to identify the killer.
7. All suspects stay or try to in character for the entire event.
8. Can be performed at a plated dinner, buffet, or cocktail setting

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Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: 1.5 hours