Murder Mystery Party!

ACT 1: The Murder!
Dave Kramer portrait artist
As the crazy fun-filled story unfolds, suspects act in and around the room while talking, joking, and playing with any and all guest members. Participation is highly encouraged, as guests never know when they might become the center of attention! But before things get too out of hand, there is one person who will not get to enjoy their dinner because they’re dead! Act 1 lasts between 30 and 40 sidesplitting minutes.
ACT 2: The Interrogation!
While enjoying a wonderful meal the suspects sit right next to guests, making sure they don’t miss a single moment, clue or joke. The detective shows up to ask questions and it’s up to the suspects to try to save themselves from a prison term and pin the murder on someone else. Just when they think it’s safe its then time for the guests to ask their own questions as each suspect goes from table to table. Act 2 lasts between 40 and 50 spine-tickling minutes.  
Dave Kramer portrait artist Once each team has decided who they think the killer is and their ballots are collected, the detective arrives to reveal the true identity of the person who committed such a vicious, hysterical crime. If available, prizes can then be awarded to the team who did the best sleuthing and were able to bring the murderer to justice! Act 3 lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.
ACT 3: The Confession!
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